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Day School and School of Graduate, Online and Continuing Education (SGOCE) Course Schedules


  • Courses in the Online Accelerated Schedule are restricted to students enrolled in the Online Accelerated Programs.
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  • Course Numbers: Undergraduate = 1000-5999; Graduate = 6000-9999
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  • This course listing is tentative and subject to change.

Attribute Codes (Gen Ed / LAS Flags)

AIA: Integrating & Applying Learn
AOM: Art or Music
ART: The Arts Cluster
CTW: Citizenship & the World Cluster
CV: Civic Learning
DP: Diverse Perspectives
ER: Ethical Reasoning
FA: Fine Arts Expression & Analysis
GDA: Glob Div - ART
GDAN: Glob Div - ART non-West
GDC: Global Div - CTW
GDCN: Glob Div - CTW non-West
HAF: Health/Fitness
HI: Historical Inquiry & Analysis
HIST: Historical Perspective
IHIP: Integrat High Impact Practice
LAB: Lab Science
LI: Literary Inquiry & Analysis
LIT: Literature
PL: Procedural & Logical Thinking
PW: Personal Wellness
QR: Quantitative Reasoning
RIL: Reading & Information Literacy
SI: Scientific Inquiry & Analysis
SMT: Science/Math/Technology
W: Writing I
WIL: Writing & Information Literacy
WS: World Lang, Speaking & Listen

Room / Course Type

ANTH: Anthony Student Services Building
CNFA: Conlon Fine Arts
CNIC: Conlon Hall
DUP: Dupont (Facilities) Building
EDG: Edgerly Hall
HAMM: Hammond Hall
LAN: Carmelita Landry Arena
MCK: McKay
MIL: Miller Hall
PERC: Percival Hall
REC: Recreation Center
SAND: Sanders Administration Building
SCI: Antonucci Science Complex
THEA: Theater Block
THOM: Thompson Hall
WEST: Weston Auditorium
155: 155 North Street

See Course Modality Information for definitions of ONLINE, ONSYNC and HYBRID course types.

Off Campus Codes

AVV: Assabet Valley Regional Voc HS, Marlboro, MA
BPR: Bay Path Regional Voc Tech HS, Charlton, MA
DIM: Diman Regional Voc Tech HS, Fall River, MA
FHS: Fitchburg High School, Fitchburg, MA
GLR: Greater Lowell Technical HS, Tyngsboro, MA
GLT: Greater Lawrence Tech, Andover, MA
MRV: Montachusett Regional Voc Tech, Fitchburg, MA
NMRV: Northeast Metropolitan Regional Vocational HS, Wakefield, MA
NVP: Nashoba Valley Technical HS, Westford, MA
OAP: Online Accelerated Program
PDC: Center for Professional Studies, 150B Main Street, Fitchburg, MA
WRV: Whittier Regional Voc Tech HS, Haverhill, MA
WVT: Worcester Technical HS, Worcester, MA

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