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Course Modality Information


Asynchronous: The student will have no specific course meeting days or times.

Synchronous: The student will meet with the instructor on a regular basis in a live session they access through a virtual platform such as Google Meet. In other words, all students and faculty will be present in a virtual classroom at the same time.

Seats List Room/Course Type Defined

ONLINE - This modality means that your course will be taught asynchronously. The course is taught through recorded lectures and other activities that the student accesses on their own schedule. The student does not have be available to meet at any specific days or times. An instructor may ask to meet with students on occasion but a range of meeting times will be available.

ONSYNC - This modality means that your course will be taught via Google Meet or some other web-based platform selected by the course instructor. The student will be in live or synchronous sessions during the days and times specified by the course schedule. The student should plan to attend class via a remote platform on those days and times.

HYBRID - This modality means that the students in the course will come to the classroom F2F sometime during the semester; however at least 50% of the course will be delivered remotely, most likely asynchronously. In addition, given the variability of this model, it will be the faculty member’s responsibility to communicate with students as to the specific course schedule and meeting times. Please note: On the Seats List, each Hybrid course will have two lines – one will indicate a Course Type of Hybrid (remote portion of the class), the other will show room information (in-person portion of the class)

NONE – This course meets off campus - such as with practicums, internships, field experience, etc.

Room information – Any course that indicates only a room number in the Room/Course Type column (and does not have a second line indicating HYBRID) meets in person in the location identified. Note the building key located at the bottom of the course offerings.